The grant was made possible through the efforts of State Rep. Mike Unes. The grant funding can be used for construction expenses.

Commissioner Mark Hill said the development will not cost any local tax dollars.

“The East Peoria Community Foundation will be paying the remainder…there will be no tax revenue dollars from the city used on this,” Hill said.

The estimated cost of construction in phase two is expected to cost $740,779. Phase Two will feature a new performance stage, hardscaped and landscaped areas along with a variety of seating opportunities and shade structures.

Additional sidewalks will be added through the park. Commissioner Hill said he believes work is expected to start near the end of the summer.

Hill also mentioned that a phase three for the Levee Park development is also in the works. Phase three is expected to include a water feature.

More information about the project is available on the East Peoria Community Foundation Board’s website.

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