After a major manufacturing company abandoned a large part of East Peoria near the Illinois River, the City set about reclaiming the concrete rubble to create a new downtown, the Levee District. It’s now home to many restaurants, retail shops, medical offices, hotels, and more. However, one element thought necessary to assure the long-term sustainability of the new downtown was missing – a community park.  One and half acres were reserved for public purposes – for a community park called Levee Park. The City of East Peoria owns the land, and the East Peoria Community Foundation is raising funds to build the park.

We don't often have an opportunity to shape the future, but that’s what's happening in East Peoria … and a new park – Levee Park – is at the center of all that. East Peoria is being reborn. We can all appreciate parks and the value of public spaces, but what's special and unique here is that Levee Park will become the anchor to East Peoria's new and thriving downtown. It not only anchors our beautiful downtown, but embodies the new iconic face of East Peoria, green, growing, and family centered.

levee park



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